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hey there friend

I’m Jana Bishop

Your favourite Ads Coach

I love taking complicated marketing strategies and breaking them down into actionable steps.

After starting my own business in 2015 and growing my social media (and sales) organically, I jumped head first into running ads in 2017. That move skyrocketed sales and changed my life forever! I knew there had to be a way to marry both aspects (organic posts and paid ads), and that’s why I created Facebook Ads Bootcamp. By creating a high-converting ads funnel, I was able to maximize the time and energy it takes to establish an online prescence. And now, I am teaching business owners like you how to easily leverage ALL of their marketing efforts to drive sales effortlessly. Day after day.

It’s no secret, running ads can change your business overnight.

I can teach you how to tap into the magic of marrying organic posts with paid traffic. A skill that will change your life and business forever! If you are ready to dive in and set up a proven system that generates income and creates freedom… you are in the right place!

Sarah Baumgartner Webdesign Fotografie

I want to help you learn how to use paid marketing in your business.